Annual report


Our history

In Cuervo we will reach the limits of our leader’s vision.


1758 Don José Antonio de Cuervo

1758 Don José Prudencio de Cuervo

1758 Don José María Guadalupe de Cuervo


1805 Doña María Magdalena de Cuervo

1850 Don Vicente Albino Rojas

1850 Don Jesús Flores

1898 Doña Ana González Rubio


1900 Don José Cuervo Labastida

1934 Doña Guadalupe Gallardo González Rubio

1964 Doña Virginia Gallardo González Rubio

1964 Don Juan Beckmann Gallardo

A message from

Mrs. Doris Legorreta de Beckmann

President of the Jose Cuervo Foundation

Doña Doris Legorreta de Beckmann

My best wishes for 2018, I hope for great health and peace for everyone.

I want to share with you this great joy: this year, the José Cuervo Foundation is turning 20 years old, two decades of commitment and love for Tequila. We have achieved to work under a comprehensive communitarian model based on family, kids, young people and women, those that because of several circumstance and factors are most vulnerable in the community.

Since 1998, the commitment has been to raise the quality of life of the community through several programs. I thank everyone that has contributed something for the development of Tequila, I also thank the volunteers and all the specialized organizations and institutions that have become our allies. I thank you for your trust.

Tequila has everything it needs to be a national model: cultural wealth, traditions, and most of all its people. My family and myself love this land. I has the chance to live as a newlywed in this beautiful city which I consider my home. I wish to keep working for the benefit of the families, education and culture which are the base for a better future.

Let us join efforts; and count on José Cuervo Foundation to keep building a better Mexico.

Mrs. Doris Legorreta de Beckmann

Fundación Jose Cuervo

For 20 years, José Cuervo Foundation has been identified for its constant work in favor of vulnerable groups, the economic growth of Tequila and the commitment it has with several groups of interest: directors and academic representatives, local producers, public and private organizations and the people of the community.

Our Promise to Tequila

The community of Tequila, Jalisco is a synonym of opportunities, progress and modernity thanks to its touristic beauty and its role as a production and distribution center of goods and services in the Valles Region.

This Land full of wealth, has given a lot to José Cuervo, and as part of our Social Responsibility (SR), it is our promise to help it reach its highest potential by means of programs and initiatives linking the community, and over time, help Tequila become a sustainable development example in Jalisco and México.

A philantrophy story


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Fundación Jose Cuervo history timeline

Our commitment with sustainability

Primavera tree in Tequila's main square

Nowadays, at a global scale we are probably facing the biggest challenge of all: achieve sustainability. Knowing this is the reality, the United Nations (UN), on September 25, 2015, issued the Objectives of Sustainable Development, a set of global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity for all as part of a new agenda for sustainable development.

In order to achieve such goals, everyone must do their part: governments, the private sector and society. It is a big global challenge and José Cuervo Foundation has embrace it as its own.

Based on the Urban Development Plan of the Population Center prepared by the Tequila City Hall, for the past three years we have designed and implemented a Sustainable Communitarian Development Model, that allow us to contribute to the OSD and enhance the growth of Tequila, rising the quality of life of its population where our operations are located and therefore our groups of interest.

With this vision, all our programs and activities are in line with the OSD of the UN.

All of our programs and activities are aligned with the UN's OSDs
Education Strategic Line
  1. Preventive Education
  2. Improvement Route
  3. Meeting with directors
  4. First Math Congress
  5. Reading Gathering
  6. Work Camp
  7. 0 Alcohol for minors. Consumption Responsibility
  8. Campaign “You are what you post"
  9. Parent School
  10. Sex Education Campaign
Local Development And Training Strategic Line
  1. Agave Artisans
  2. Professional Application Projects in Tequila
  3. The Flavors of Tequila, a gastronomic guide
  4. Rescue of the gastronomic patrimony of Tequila
  5. “De Fogones a Metates” cooks and producers gathering
  6. ProEmpleo Foundation
  7. Craft School
  8. Producers Gathering
  9. Technological Training Classroom
  10. Tequila’s Growth
Social Strategic Line
  1. Campaign “Lets Take Care of Our Land Together"
  2. Sponsor a Child and an Elder
  3. Golden Years
  4. Women’s Day Celebration
  5. Support to the Community of Tequila
  6. Campaign “5x1”
  7. UAVI
  8. Vifac
  10. Third Violence Free Forum
  11. Health Services for the Elderly
  12. Social Inclusion
Culture Strategic Line
  1. Music School
  2. Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center

How do we do it?

Our model us formed by 4 Strategic Lines: Education, Local Development and Training, Social and Culture.

Sustainable Communitarian Development Model

In the same way, we bring transparency to our processes and management, acting always in line with ethics and efficacy so the population of Tequila can see in Jose Cuervo Foundation a trustworthy organization where growth opportunities and welfare for everyone exist.

Action pyramid
Rescue of tangible and intangible values

General results 2017

Comparison of benefited individuals during the period of 2016-2017

Strategic lineBenefited individuals in 2016Benefited individuals in 2017Growth %
Local Development and Training62891245.22%

2017 had an increment of 28% of benefited individuals: a total of 73% of impact in the Tequila population.

Our vision 2018

Nuestra visión 2018

During the twentieth anniversary of the José Cuervo Foundation, we would like to pay tribute to the Beckmann Family, to the men and women who have left a great legacy of work. One of the objectives of 2018 is to take the Beckmann Foundation’s name as a banner to continue its great work for the benefit of the less serviced population.

To achieve this, we will continue to promote the education of children and young people, giving them the opportunity to have a better life project, keeping them away from risky situations such as alcohol, drugs and violence. Through scholarships, worthy quality schools and the approach to culture. We also want to continue to promote the children’s innate talent in music and arts, thus, we will offer exhibitions with guest artists and workshops at the Juan Beckmann Cultural Center.

In addition, we will work for a better health care, join forces with other associations to achieve disease prevention and change the eating habits of our population. The Beckmann Foundation will continue with the same commitment with which it started: to create programs for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tequila and continue returning to the land what the land has given Jose Cuervo.

Modelo Integral Social

Message from

Don Juan Beckmann Vidal

“Business Merit” Award

Don Juan Beckmann Vidal

When I arrived at Tequila, only agave, corn, fruit, tequila of course, and other things were produced. Today, it is a large town that has more than 40 thousand inhabitants who are on average 22 years old and it is visited by more than 300 thousand tourists a year.

Easy thing to say, but behind all these, there is a constant effort and a vision of growth.

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