Línea estratégica de Cultura

Culture Strategic Line

Culture plays a transversal role in the three aspects that make up sustainability: economic, social and environmental. The protection of cultural and natural heritage consolidates the identity of communities, promotes sustainable tourism, boosts the economic growth and creates jobs.

Cultural Center

Music School

In line with the OSD and impact in groups of interest
ODS 11: Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles

We offer an approach to other ideas and cultures, we promote the interest in art and encourage the development of creative potential and artistic skills that, later on, help grow the region’s labor and economic activities.

What did we do?

Through the Music School, we teach choir, dance, musical initiation, theatre, solfeggio and various instruments such as guitar, violin and percussion, to name a few. The teachers are highly trained professionals, some of whom completed their education at major universities in the country and abroad.


Concept Total
Teachers 15
Students 375
Workshops 17
Hours per week 86

Workshops given in the Music School

# Workshop name Hours per week
1 Musical Initiation 4
2 African Percussions 4
3 Guitar (beginners) 4
4 Guitar (basic) 4
5 Classic Guitar 4
6 Guitar Orchestra 4
7 Violin (beginners) 4
8 Violin (basic) 4
9 Viola 4
10 Symphonic Band 10
11 Mariachi 8
12 Children Choir 8
13 Adults Choir 12
14 Dance 4
15 Theatre 4
16 Cello 4
17 Solfeggio 2

Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center

In line with the OSD and impact in groups of interest
ODS 11: Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles

Preserving cultural heritage, supporting sustainable tourism and raising people’s awareness of the intangible value of art through exhibitions and displays are the goals of the new Cultural Center of the community.

Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center

What will we do?

This 2018, we will inaugurate the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, which objective is to make Tequila the center of art and culture in Mexico, thus attracting sustainable tourism and a better economy. This will be done through the exhibitions of the great artists in the country.